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Distinctive Lifestyle

Live connected to nature with West Des Moines amenities

Maffitt Ridge’s estate-sized lots and secluded location let you enjoy privacy and feel connected with nature like never before. You’ll live across the street from the 1500-acre Dale Maffitt Reservoir and Park, where you can enjoy fishing, hiking, picnicking, canoeing and an arboretum.


Located within West Des Moines city limits, Maffitt Ridge offers some of the best-in-Iowa public services including police and fire protection and public utilities like sewer, snow removal and garbage collection, not to mention West Des Moines’ exceptional public educational system.



Not only is Maffitt Ridge an extraordinary lifestyle opportunity, it’s a chance to live in a dynamic area that’s repeatedly cited by major publications as an exceptional place to both build a career and raise a family. You’ll find an impressive array of professional, social, recreational and educational opportunities in the Des Moines metropolitan area in general, and the city of West Des Moines in particular. As residents of West Des Moines, you’ll be part of a community known for innovation, quality of life and educational excellence.


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